A Medical Social Worker is a person with advanced education in dealing with social, emotional, and environmental problems associated with an illness or disability. A Medical Social Worker usually has completed a master’s degree program that includes experience in counseling patients and their families in their own home.

The role of medical social workers is very important in healthcare field. Most people normally become emotionally, socially and practically destabilized when they are sick or are diagnosed with a bad illness. Medical social workers help such patients to improve on their condition. They help to enhance the interaction between the patients and the healthcare givers making it possible for the patients to get answers to their questions.

    Examples of Medical Social Work include:

  • working in collaboration with other healthcare givers to evaluate the medical or physical condition of the patients
  • helping in evaluating the needs of the patients
  • counseling patients on how to overcome their conditions and avoid dependencies as they recuperate from their illness
  • helping patients to adjust to life
  • evaluating and suggesting the right type of in-home help required by a newly discharged patient